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The History of Rock Creek Ski Club.

The Kosciuszko State Park Trust first met on 4 July 1944. Early in its life the New South Wales Tourist Bureau representative, Mr HJ Lamble drew attention to the need for a shelter for tourists between Hotel Kosciuszko and Betts camp, for people en route to Charlotte Pass and beyond.

On 7 January 1947 the Trust met and authorized work to proceed on huts at Rock Creek, Pounds Creek and Guthega. Rock Creek lodge construction proceeded. Sir Garfield Barwick was heavily involved in the design with the Trust’s supervisor Ray Ainsworth, and Jack Piazza (stone mason) and others were involved in the construction.

Rock Creek Hut was apparently the first major structure to be erected by the Koscuiuszko State Park Trust staff, and featured natural stone according to the Trust’s new design standards. It also incorporated the ingenious piped draft system, which was Sir Garfield Barwick’s idea.

On 4 May 1948 the New South Wales Tourist Bureau was authorized to rent the hut, presumably as shelter for tourists en route to the Charlotte Pass Chalet.

On 26 January 1949, Rock Creek Hut was destroyed by lightning. The Kosciuszko State Park Trust decided not to re-build the hut.

On 24 June 1949, the Kosciuszko State Park Trust refused an application by Snow Reveller’s’ Ski Club to rebuild the hut as a club lodge.

In 1958 two of the original members were taking shelter in the fireplace of the ruins and they discussed the possibility of rebuilding the hut as a ski lodge. An application was made to the Kosciuszko State Park Trust and in 1958 permission was granted to rebuild the lodge preserving the remains of the original hut.

A group of young men drove from Sydney to Perisher Valley nearly every weekend over the next two years slowly building the lodge.

At the time, the road from Canberra onwards was a dirt road thus making the journey long and dusty. All materials had to be brought from Sydney and transported by private vehicle to Perisher Valley.

In 1959 the hut became Rock Creek Ski Club – built on the original site, it has retained its unique and original features. It is a fully self contained private ski lodge which sleeps six people. The lodge has a small membership consisting of those who re-built the lodge and their children and grand children.



The only rule we have is you leave the lodge as clean as you found it.

Before you leave you need to:

  • Vacuum all the floors
  • Mop the kitchen, bathroom and utility rooms
  • Clean the family bathroom, extra toilet and kitchen
  • Make sure all the rubbish is in the correct rubbish bags (check signage within the lodge and make sure you are using the right bags)
  • Clean the fire place and put all the ash in the ash pit out the front of the lodge
  • Fold all blankets and doonas
  • Remove all food, please don’t leave it for the next guests
  • In short, leave the lodge as you’d like to find it